Hello lovelies & welcome to my little partea.
It’s Sana here. Your everyday Pakistani-Canadian girl blogger from Toronto. I’m a foodie at heart and always have been. While growing up I was always fond of my mother’s cooking and could only dream of gaining such supremely awesome skills.

Living in a city where delicious halal meals are available at every corner, is extremely hard to resist. Even so, having lived alone for a few years before getting married, really gave me the opportunity to test out recipes I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to in a brown home, with mama bear keeping inventory. Over the years I have been cooking up a storm, trying my hand at all types of cuisines including indo-pak, afghan, lebanese, chinese, japanese, italian and more.

After receiving recipe requests from family and friends, I have decided to publicly share my collection with you.
Here you will find, husband-approved, mother-verified, on-the-go quick meal ideas with a focus on desi cooking. Tea, smoothies, and salads are my second love, so expect me to drool over these often as well.

I am by no means an expert, just a girl who enjoys cooking and “taste testing.”

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