It’s Sana here. Welcome to my little creative space that is an extension of my design and marketing background – and my love for cooking! I have been helping businesses with brand strategy, creative design, social media marketing, and recently product photography for 10+ years. I have assisted small businesses and individuals selling on Etsy and Amazon launch their products online.

Here you will find free resources, my creative illustration pieces, recipes, and some thoughts about things – as I feel like it. If you enjoy any of my content, please share and subscribe to my emails for more! If you know anyone looking for a creative designer, hook a sister up!




  1. Hello Sana,

    I am hoping you can help. You had a few recipes on your site that were really amazing. The chapli kabob and pink smoothies were one of our favourites to make at home. I made a ton of it at home early last year, and my kids thoroughly loved it.
    We are home isolating and wanted to make the chapli again but I see that the site no longer exist. Would you be willing to share your recipe with me? Karthika30.85@gmail.com

    1. Hi Karthika!

      Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m so glad you and your family enjoy some of these recipes. It has been a few years since I updated my website, so I apologize for the technical issues – please bare with me! 🙂 Hope you’re staying safe and healthy during home isolation. The recipes should now be available again – enjoy!


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