Beiruti Grand Cafe – French/Mediterranean fusion cuisine


I have been driving by this area for a number of years on my daily commute, and have monitored the Beiruti Grand Cafe from construction to opening. Nestled in the bustling corporate area on Consumers Rd in North York Ontario, you will find this delightful new hot spot perfect for a quick lunch or on the go latte. While I’m an avid Tim’s drinker, I always love trying new local coffee shops. Upon entrance, you will immediately notice the lavish decor from the door to lighting and various seating areas distributed about the cafe. The minimalist design with all white interior and cozy seating make for an inviting atmosphere. The simple layout ensures you immediately feast your eyes on the main attraction – the colourful displays full of an array of creamy gelato flavours, pastries, and other desserts. Don’t expect to find cheap tasting danishes and overly sugary donuts here. Instead, grab a slice of tiramisu, cheese cake or a delicious macaroon – you won’t be disappointed.


While sampling through their gelatos, you will find yourself feeling very indecisive. Each flavour is simply dreamy in it’s own way. I settled for their salted caramel latte instead – something I have been used to ordering from Starbucks. I didn’t expect it to be so smooth with just the right mix of sugar and milk. In comparison to Starbucks, I find the pricing works out to be equivalent for the size – a ‘tall’ size is about $4-5 here as well. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t taste like something full of chemicals – and that’s a feeling I’m willing to pay for.


At Beiruti Grand Cafe there are so many options from desserts, gelatos, coffees, smoothies, to lunch specials with paninis, flat breads, and other French-Mediterranean fusion foods. Unfortunately for us, they’re usually extra busy during lunch so you can find the wait to be a bit longer. Whenever I’m around, I can’t help but stop by for a little taste of something sweet.

Just keep eating =)

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