Chocolada – a delicious little gem in Thornhill


When it comes to cakes, I’m not a fan of those retail store bought birthday cakes and desserts you always seem to find at children’s parties. The icing always feels so overwhelming that by the time you finally bite into the actual cake, you have already fulfilled your sweet craving. Maybe as a kid growing up we all enjoyed those cakes because we never really knew how bad they truly were for us – or perhaps the fact that you only got them once a year. While seeing a vanilla cake full of sprinkles definitely tugs on your heart strings, it doesn’t quite cut it when you want a special occasion cake with a luxurious (dare I say grown-up) taste.

While looking for an anniversary cake for my husband and myself, we knew it would be a major compromise. I’m more of fruit-loving gal with minimal vanilla icing – preferably whipped cream. He’s got nothing but love for chocolate -which is also the reason we have never been able to share a dessert. After some google searching, review reading, and seeing as there were a couple other bakeries nearby this one, we decided to drive down and give it a try.

Chocolada is located in the corner of a little plaza on Steeles Ave West and Yonge St in Thornhill Ontario. Upon entering you will want to quickly run away when you see the heaps of flyers and newspapers on the floor before you can get into the store – no idea what purpose this serves. Once you get through this, you will bless your eyes with artfully decorated cakes, miniature desserts, baked goods, and specialty teas (this part had me love-struck). The one thing you definitely cannot miss is the busy in and out of customers and people sipping their lattes and indulging in their desserts while seated at cute little tables off to the side. I knew I had to try it.


After sharing a chocolate cake slice with my husband, we knew this place was it. Now, it was just a matter of deciding which cake would satisfy both our taste buds and that of our families. It wasn’t long before we made our decision to go with the chocolate strawberry mousse cake – with decadent chocolate cake and mousse, and light strawberry filling in each layer. Although my husband did have to pass up a Nutella chocolate cake (yes, don’t hate), he didn’t regret it as he finally agreed that chocolate and fruit work well together.


If you are looking for a budget cake, I wouldn’t recommend this as the cakes start at $29 for an 8″. However, it was just enough for 9 people. If you want a custom cake, they are fairly quick as I was informed they need 1-2 days notice to make a fresh cake to order – in comparison to other bakeries.


The best thing about the cake is that you barely feel like you ate it – which could also be a bad thing. It is so light and airy because of the mousse and light strawberry filling that I could have kept eating it had it not finished so quickly.


That above my friends, is one of the desserts I had the pleasure of trying. If you haven’t already noticed, it is tiramisu in an edible chocolate cup. It was simply delicious – as were the other desserts I tried. The only downfall, they don’t offer free sampling before you buy the cake – can’t blame them though. After having our anniversary cake, we don’t settle on anything else even for birthdays and other occasions.

Just keep eating =)

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